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Let our experienced personnel assess your property to determine the best type of structure for your unique location. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, we can create the perfect outdoor accent to your landscape.


You'll get a water or rock structure that is designed specifically for your property by experienced professionals from Edmund Jenschke Inc. Take advantage of our reasonably priced construction to get high quality structures that you can afford.


Enhance your landscape with a man-made structure.

Discover how amazing your property can look when you utilize the construction services of Edmund Jenschke Inc for your next structure. See what our experienced professionals can design for you:

                                  - Straight wall dams

                                  - Earthen dams

                                  - Rock dams



What type of structure are you looking for?

Find out how we've been providing the Texas hills with lasting beauty for over 50  years with our superior construction and impoundment structure services.

Use our years of experience to your advantage. Call us at


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